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AltRoots empowers you to monitor potential trademark infringement and secure your own Web3 internet addresses on the blockchain to combat bad actors and participate in the ever growing decentralized web and metaverses.


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Receive an exact-only search plus a hit count of close similarities. We also provide links to online marketplaces where the domain may be listed for sale.

Optionally, you may upgrade to an annual subscription of the knockout search with monthly reports.

Receive both exacts and close similarities of your trademark with links to marketplace listings.

Optionally, you may upgrade to an annual subscription of the full search with monthly reports.

Our proprietary trademark indexing algorithm helps discover confusing similarities of your trademark across multiple blockchains exposing blockchain domains that may be used to infringe, defraud or confuse your customers.

If available, you may also register your trademark in the relevant blockchains.

AltRoots checks your trademark against nearly 8 million blockchain domains and counting. Check here to see real-time stats: