Frequently Asked Questions

What is AltRoots?

AltRoots checks a trademark against nearly 8 million blockchain domains across multiple blockchains using advanced trademark research techniques to unearth close similarities that may be used to infringe, defraud or confuse consumers.

Several levels of services are available:

  • Exacts-only Search
  • Exacts-only annual Watch
  • Close similarities Search
  • Close similarities annual Watch

What blockchains do you watch?

There are several alternative roots supporting decentralized domain names. EnCirca recommends focusing on those gaining market traction including:

  • Handshake Naming Service (Handshake blockchain) – over 3 million TLDs
  • Ethereum Naming Service’ .ETH TLD (Ethereum blockchain) – 600,000 SLDs
  • Unstoppable Domains’ 9 TLDs (Polygon blockchain) – 2 million SLDs

What does an AltRoots watch cost?

We offer two levels of annual trademark watch subscriptions:  

  1. Exacts-only watch.  Includes an initial history report plus on-going watch notices, sent at least monthly.   Cost is $59/year.  Report will also include a preview of the comprehensive report below.
  2. Comprehensive close similarities.  Exacts plus close similarities.  Includes an initial history report plus on-going watch notices, sent at least monthly.  First year cost is $2,000.  Renewals will be $500/year.  Note:  The exacts-only subscription must be ordered before upgrading to a comprehensive watch sub subscription.

How often do you send reports to me?

You can opt to receive a one time report or our annual subscription which will send you monthly reports.

What does the report tell me?

Our reporting will scan millions of blockchains for your trademark and inform you of your trademark’s status as either claimable, already registered, or available for registration across the major blockchain alternative roots.  With each result, EnCirca is here to help you take action.

Who runs

AltRoots is a service of EnCirca, Inc. EnCirca was founded in 2001 in Boston, Massachusetts and is an ICANN-Accredited domain name registrar. EnCirca is a leader in brand protection for both Web2 and Web3 domain names. EnCirca’s founder previously led development for the leading Web2 trademark research platform.