AltRoots Glossary


Some blockchain platforms such as Handshake and Unstoppable Domains have temporarily reserved trademarks to be claimed only by trademark owners. EnCirca can help you with that process.


Your searched trademark is already registered by someone else.  If you are the trademark owner, EnCirca can help you recover your trademark. Go to to begin the process.


If a domain is available, it can be registered on the blockchain. EnCirca can help you with that process. Register your domains here:


Some alternative roots have blocked the registration of certain domains such as 1-character strings.


A Top Level Domain (TLD) are domains at the highest level in the hierarchical Domain Name System.  The most popular TLD in Web2 is .com, however, Web3 TLDs can be anything the user wants it to be, such as .AltRoots. The leading platform for alternative top-level domains is Handshake. Others include NexBloc and Decentraweb. These platforms have temporarily reserved trademarks to be claimed only by trademark owners. 


A second-level domain (SLD) is a domain that is directly below a top-level domain. The two most popular platforms for second level NFT domains are Unstoppable Domains (UD) and the Ethereum Naming Service. The .ETH TLD is the sole TLD for the Ethereum Naming Service and launched in May 2017. UD is a Venture capital backed startup offering NFT domains in 9 different alternative roots, including .CRYPTO, .WALLET, .NFT and others.

Report Guide:

Possible Statuses:

  • Available: available to register
  • Registered. Already taken
  • Reserved. Available to register by a trademark owner
  • Expired: has not been renewed. May become available soon

Possible Actions:

  • Register: Register domain name at EnCirca
  • Recover: Request assistance
  • Claim: Submit a trademark claim to secure domain name

More Information:

  • Links to blockchain explorer for relevant blockchain.
  • Marketplace Listings:
  • Landing page for possible marketplace listings if registered